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Nicole Ludwig

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So it’s only been what? (counts on fingers…carry the one) 5 months? I think it’s about time I resurrected this blog.

See once we fall back in the autumn, I tend to slide into a bit of a depression until we spring forward time-wise. It sucks, royally. I hate the dark with a passion. I hate getting up in the dark, getting home in the dark and so on. It just seems like it’s dark all the time. The times I talk to my doctor about going off anti-depressants, he always says one of two things:

  • wait until you have no stress in your life
  • wait for the dark to end

The former is laughable. I have a family. I work full time. I commute. I coach my daughter’s soccer team and ferry her to dance, yoga and her other activities. I do contract work on the side (although I’ve substantially reduced that in the last year). I volunteer. Also, I work with politicians on a daily basis.

The dark, though, ends every spring. When we spring forward, I stand taller. I’m more organized and the days are not just about getting through the day any more. So along with my spring resurrection, I’m resurrecting this blog.

How have you been?

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  • Katie (The Muffin Myth)

    I always laugh when I hear people in the pacific northwest complain about the dark. You probably shouldn’t ever move to Sweden :)

    • Nicole L

      You’re absolutely right. Because I am also not designed to do cold :)