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Fabulous Fridays – August 2, 2013

Fabulous Fridays



A new weekly installment: Fabulous Fridays – seeking to answer the question “What makes your Friday fabulous?”

1. I found my transit pass right where I had dropped it two days earlier. On Tuesday, I got off the West Coast Express and found my pass was missing. It had been clipped to my pocket but it was gone. I alerted West Coast Express and they said they’d call if it was found. In the meantime I could buy day passes and they would reimburse me. Two days later, I went to the same seat on the train again and found it jammed between the wall and the seat. It’s not really an issue, but because it’s an employer pass, it costs me $50 to replace it if I lose it. It’s now safely in my wallet rather than having it clipped to my clothing.

2. I have the house to myself this weekend. Darren has taken Shannon up to Kelowna to visit his parents for a few days. It’s my bi-yearly staycation. I’m taking the opportunity to do a cleanse. The cleanse starts tomorrow because Friday is pizza and wine night. I plan on reading a lot, shampooing the rug and purging Shannon’s toys. And maybe some laundry because they wouldn’t like it if I go to work naked.

3. The light at the end of the work tunnel has arrived, and it’s not a train. July has been horrendously busy at work – I haven’t seen it this busy in YEARS. I had my last meeting on yesterday and we’re done for the summer.

4. I have two more weeks of work and then I’m off for three weeks. Plans include taking Shannon to visit my parents, taking Shannon to the aquarium (because she wants to go so badly and see the Belugas), and taking Shannon to wherever she wants to go including horseback riding.

5. When I went on maternity leave, my coworkers threw me a baby shower and my present was a gift certificate to Spa Utopia. That was over four years ago and I still have not used it. On Sunday, I’ll be going to the spa.

Now it’s your turn. What’s making your Friday Fabulous?

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  • Sunshine g

    Let me know next time you go to the spa – I can use my massage benefits at work and we can lounge in style together!