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A fit of Domesticity

The scene: I am on the Canada Line with a work friend, headed home, and carrying a case of canning jars.

Friend: You are so domestic.
Me (somewhat indignantly): I am not!
Friend: You have a kid. You can things. You are so domestic.

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m domestic on a regular basis. I’d say that I have fits of domesticity. About every 6 months, I start making and cooking things. These fits usually coincide with when I have some Free Time (she said, laughing at the irony of it). So when I’m on vacation, like I have been for the last two weeks.

Normally I’d be spending a good deal of time sitting on my arse, but for the first week, the Poptart and I went to visit Oma and Opa (my parents). While we were there, I bought peaches.  By the time I got back, I had to do something with them so I canned them:
Home canned peaches and homemade blueberry jam
(My apologies, that photo turned out exquisitely crappy. I really should learn some photoshop)

The week before, I had some blueberries which were going so I turned them into jam (also above).

Home Canned Chicken BrothThen I cleaned out my freezer and found enough chicken bones for three crockpots of chicken broth and enough beef bones for one crockpot of beef broth. Then I canned the chicken broth in my pressure canner. I can safely say if we ever suffer the zombie apocalypse in the form of the common cold, we are covered.

Not all of this was made at this time, but I did make up about 12 500 ml jars and that tall one in the back (650 ml? 750 ml? it’s actually an old Classico spaghetti sauce jar which is a mason jar and therefore safe for canning).

I also have about 2 cups that didn’t fit in the canner which is in the fridge.

I ended up using most of the beef broth for another purpose. There’s a 650 ml jar of it in my fridge.

Lemon walnut pestoYesterday, I took the Poptart to the farmer’s market and bought a bunch of basil. And I made this. You should too. It’s the food of the gods. You can find the recipe at Northwest Edible Life. And you need to make a lot of it because, uh, you’ll probably end up with less to freeze than you thought you would. Taste-testing is important you know.

(And yet another exquisitely crappy picture. I do not seem able to take a picture in focus today).

I also cooked up chickpeas, white beans, a large batch of quinoa and a large batch of couscous.

This fit of domesticity does not extend to tidying the living room, however. I am now taking applications for living-room tidying and can pay you in blueberry jam, canned peaches or chicken broth (the pesto is mine and you may not have it. In fact there probably won’t be any left by the time you get here).

How about you? Are you fitfully domestic or generally domestic? :)

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