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An Ode to Two

Oh, how hard it must be to be Two. Your abilities far outstrip your judgment and everything that is yours is restricted from you. Like mom’s wineglass.

Two is understanding the rules, but generally being defiant of said rules. I figure this is a taste of what teenagehood will be like. Seriously, Two. You are trying my nerves especially this last weekend.

Two is being Thoroughly Displeased with the fact that I wasn’t home for bedtime three nights in a row the other week. Believe me, that was just as hard for me as it was for you. But when you came home with your Nanny on that Thursday and I was there, and you ran over to me with a shriek of joy and flung yourself into my arms, that made the whole situation a lot better.

Of course, then you smacked me, but hey, I’ll overlook that one.

Two is when you get up at 5am on a Sunday and agree to go shopping but refuse to put clothes on. Two is biting and hitting and kicking until I get equally frustrated and start crying. Two is a hug and understanding that you need to stop being a turd. Two is the beginning of compassion.

Two is contrary and frustrated and overjoyed with life all at once. Two loves her parents and finds them entirely aggravating all at the same time. Two is being tired and yet Refusing to Nap even when mom and grandma lie down with you in the big bed. Because it’s much more fun to wiggle around and jump on the bed than it is to sleep (although both mom and grandma could have used a nap).

Two is the reason toddlers are cute, although Alexis says that Three is also a reason (she does not fill me with hope, that one). If Two wasn’t cute, I doubt many kids would survive to Teenager.

Two is needing your mom and your dad to snuggle in order to calm down. Two is “Hug! Hug!” and “Kiss!” before going to bed.

Two is running around the backyard naked in the sun and splashing in your blowup pool. Two is shrieking with laughter as I push you on your swing. Two is chasing and popping bubbles.

Two is good in the morning when I come out of my room and you say, “Mommy! Up’n’down! Hug!” and I pick you up and you wrap your arms around me and in that moment when it’s still dark, everything is perfect and as it should be.

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  • Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

    The cute is needed much more at three. Enjoy two.

    • Nicole

      You, also, do not fill me with hope.

  • Amber

    I had my worst moments at three, as well. Of course, I was pregnant and that really didn’t help. But three and a half? It somehow all came together, and that was awesome.

    There is hope, I can tell you that. And in the meantime, there are moments of transcendence that compensate for the difficulty.